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ロランバルト の著書「明るい部屋」の中で使用した概念”punctum”に由来するブランド名。

Now, a new brand is launched from MAK co., Ltd., Which founded remake brand READYMADE with fans all over the world. The brand “Punktum” is composed mainly of Yuta Nishihara, who worked as an assistant for READYMADE designer Yuta Hosokawa.

A brand name derived from the concept “punctum” used in the book “Camera Lucida” by Roland Barthes. Literally “punc” is replaced by the word “punk”, suggesting that the disorganized culture is a style source. However, it is not just about producing a revival at that time, but is willing to present a sustainable approach with production methods centered on remakes and a new style that should arrive in the era of luxury streets. It also responds ironically through a variety of typography to the easy and thoughtless “retinal” pleasure that floods with social media.